OIC-IPHRC participates in the 46th Session

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 2nd March 2019:  The OIC Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission (IPHRC) delegation led by its Chairperson, Prof. Akmal Saidov, participated in the 46th Session of the OIC CFM held in Abu Dhabi from 1-2 March 2019. In his address to the CFM, Prof. Saidov briefed the participants on the activities of the Commission in the preceding year and shared details of the work and mandates completed. He welcomed the theme of 46th CFM “Session of fifty years of Islamic Cooperation: Road map for Prosperity and Development”, and expressed hope that the outcome of the Conference would be instrumental in steering the Ummah towards creating and sustaining human rights respecting and protecting societies, where the rights and duties of human beings are defined in the context of social responsibility. Establishment of the IPHRC goes in line with these objectives and those delineated in OIC’s revised Charter and Ten-Years Program of Action, he added.

Reflecting on the achievements of the Commission during the last few years, Mr. Saidov conveyed that the Commission continues to dwell on all human rights issues and emphasizes the importance of socio-economic progress as a key element in ensuring human rights friendly societies. In addition to holding its regular activities, IPHRC has so far held five international Seminars with the last one taking place in Istanbul in October 2018 on the topic of “Islamophobia: a human rights violation and a contemporary manifestation of racism”, with comprehensive outcome documents. Furthermore, as mandated by the past CFMs, the Commission has finalized the review of the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam, which is being discussed by an Intergovernmental Working Group. It is presently reviewing the OIC ”Covenant on the Rights of the Child in Islam”, result of which will be presented to the next CFM. Prof Saidov conveyed that during both these review exercises, the Commission’s focus has been to bring these documents in conformity with the international human rights instruments, without compromising on the core Islamic values and principles. The Chairperson added that IPHRC also actively participates in all relevant international human rights forums and contributes to the discussions on various topics of contemporary concern to the Muslim world in line with Islamic principles of equality and justice.

Concerning its mandates on Palestine and Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK), the Chairperson welcomed the numerous resolutions passed by the CFM on the subject and expressed his readiness to continue to highlight the grave human rights violations taking place in both places. It also called upon both Israel and India to put an immediate end to the ongoing grave human rights abuses against innocent Palestinian and Kashmiri people. Mr. Saidov conveyed that the Commission was planning to undertake another visit to the Occupied Palestine to gather first-hand information on the ongoing situation and also called upon the government of India to provide access to the international human rights bodies including IPHRC and UN-OHCHR to visit IoK to objectively assess the human rights situation. The Commission also welcomed the holding of an emergency meeting of the OIC Contact Group on Jammu and Kashmir on 26 February 2019 in Jeddah and fully endorsed its concerns and recommendations on the ongoing human rights situation in IoK.

The CFM adopted a detailed resolution on the work and activities of the Commission, which conveys its appreciation on the commendable progress made by the Commission in advancing OIC’s human rights objectives delineated in its Ten-Year Program of Action and revised Charter. It also urged all Member States to continue to extend their full moral and material support to the Commission for its effective functioning as an independent institution.

The CFM also approved the election of 09 (Nine) Members of the Commission from the three OIC regional groups for a period of three years, with effect from August 2019. The elected members are Amb. Cheikh Tidiane Thiam (Republic of Senegal), Mr. Kamadi Byonabye (Republic of Uganda), Mr. Farafina Boussogou-Bou-Mbine (Republic of Gabon),Counsellor Talal Khalid Saad Al Mutairi (State of Kuwait), Mr. Mohamed Tahir Al Hamdi (Republic of Tunisia), Dr. Saeed Mohammad Alghufli (United Arab Emirates), Dr. Aydin M. Safikhanli (Republic of Azerbaijan), Mr. Ahmed Azam Ab Rahman (Malaysia), and Amb. Tasnim Aslam (Islamic Republic of Pakistan).