Foreign Observers' Opinions about Electoral System of Uzbekistan

For the upcoming on 21 December, more than 300 representatives of foreign states and international organizations will observe elections to the Legislative chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, regional, district and city Kengashes (Councils) of people's deputies. UzA correspondents met with some of international observers who came to our country and asked their opinions about the election process. For the upcoming on 21 December,...

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Organizational and legal basis of effective prevention of HIV-infection

On 18 April 2014 the National Human Rights Centre of the Republic of Uzbekistan in cooperation with the Regional Representative Office of the UN Office on drugs and Crime (UNODC) conducted a round table titled: “Organizational and legal basis of effective prevention of HIV-infection and treatment among the vulnerable ...

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Human Rights and Mass Media

April 17, 2014 a seminar on the theme “Improvement of judicial-legal system in Uzbekistan is a main task of ensuring the legitimate rights, freedoms and interests of man” was conducted by the Social Fond for Support and Development of Independent Mass Media and Information Agency jointly with the Lawyers’ training Centre ...

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Barometer of Civil Society

... conducted in 2013 as part of the elaboration of government scientific-technical programs within the field of responsibility of the Committee for the Coordination of Development of Science and Technologies under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan. In particular, the programs worked out included the fundamental research “Issues in the Improvement of Methodologies of Surveying and Shaping the Public Opinion in Conditions of the Formation of Civil Society in Uzbekistan” and the applied ...

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Disabled persons rights

... mandatory for the management of enterprises, institutions, organizations and public unions . RIGHTS OF DISABLED PERSONS TO GET EDUCATION AND PROFESSION According to Chapter 4 of the Law «On social protection of disabled persons in the Republic of Uzbekistan»: • Preschool education of disabled kids is conducted at the preschool educational institutions including boarding schools . • General secondary, vocational and professional and higher education of the disabled persons is provided ...

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Analysis and Research

Department of Analysis and Research in the field of human rights is one of the key structural units of the National Human Rights Centre of the Republic of Uzbekistan . The department operates according to the Regulations of the Centre, the Regulations of the Department, and within the international and national legislations and internal orders. The department conducts activities in compliance with the annual ...

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On joint-stock companies and protection of shareholders' rights

On January 16, was held a regular meeting of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan. After the adoption of the agenda proposed by the Kengash (Council) of the Legislative Chamber, deputies discussed a number of draft laws in the second and first reading. In particular, in the second reading the drafts laws “On joint-stock ...

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Independence of the judiciary system discussed in Tashkent

... round-table was organized by the Legislative Chamber Committee on Foreign Affairs and Inter-parliamentary Relations. During the meeting were also discussed important issues of national legislation. It was noted that large scale of work has been done in Uzbekistan to strengthen the judiciary and its independence and to enhance the authority of the court, its role and importance in the reliable protection of human rights and freedoms. "In particular, significant changes were made to the Law of the ...

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New version of Uzbek national legislation database contains about 28,000 legal acts

Issues of information and communication technologies in judicial sphere, as well as improvement of legal assistance to the population were discussed at a conference held on December 17 this year. The conference was organized by the Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan, together with the Senate Committee on Legislation and Legal Affairs and the State Committee for communication, information and telecommunication technologies. Note that raising legal culture in terms of access to legal information is one of ...

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National Human Rights Centre will receive a government support

Cabinet Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan on 11 December 2013 adopted the Resolution «On measures of government support of the National Human Rights Centre of the Republic of Uzbekistan». According to the document, to strengthen a material and technical basis of the Centre ...

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Uzbek electoral system constitutional and legal framework discussed in Tashkent

On December 10 at the National University of Uzbekistan after Mirzo Ulugbek was held a "round table", dedicated to the discussion of constitutional and legal framework of the country’s electoral system. The event was organized by the Central Election Commission (CEC) of the Republic ...

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Human rights on spotlight: Uzbekistan’s experience in the field highly appreciated by international experts

Tashkent hosted the international conference entitled “Development of national human rights protection system in conditions of the country’s modernization process: experience of Uzbekistan and international practices.” The forum was organized by the National Human Rights Centre of Uzbekistan jointly with the Ministry of Justice, the General Prosecutor Office of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Ministry of Internal Affairs, the ...

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Uzbekistan and China developing cooperation in the field of human rights

Uzbekistan and China developing cooperation in the field of human rights Uzbekistan and China are the countries with an ancient history and rich culture, nations of which for more than 2,000 years were linked via the Great Silk Road. At current stage,...

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