Human rights in Uzbekistan

Over the years of independence, Uzbekistan has built a solid foundation of national statehood, ensuring the principles of the rule of law and human rights, its life, freedom, honor and dignity, and other inalienable rights enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Promotion, protection and observance of human rights in Uzbekistan is one of the priorities of state policy. Within the framework of the Action Strategy for the five priority areas of development of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2017-2021, targeted measures are being taken to ensure personal, political, economic, social and cultural rights. The New Uzbekistan Development Strategy for 2022-2026, which is a logical continuation of the Action Strategy, was adopted. This document clearly defines the development trends of Uzbekistan in the near and medium term, the directions of integrated development of all spheres of life of the state and society.

The importance of the development strategy is that its development takes into account the existing problems and reflects the current challenges that need to be addressed. Most importantly, our people took an active part in the development of this policy document. As the head of our state noted, we have defined the principle of “For human dignity” as the main criterion of all our reforms. In order to implement the noble idea of ​​"the state is for the people," we have developed a New Uzbekistan Development Strategy for 2022-2026 in direct consultation with our people, based on the views and suggestions of our people".

The issue of ensuring human rights and freedoms in our country is quickly becoming a key criterion of democratic reforms aimed at providing our people with prosperous and decent living conditions.

International human rights standards are being gradually and methodically incorporated into national legislation and law enforcement practice. Today, the norms of more than 80 international instruments ratified by Uzbekistan in the field of human rights and freedoms are reflected in national legislation.

People's lives, worldviews, and lifestyles are changing as a result of the large-scale reforms that are taking place. The goal of "Building a New Uzbekistan Together" has been formed in society, and the new concept of "Society as the initiator of reforms" is actively entering our daily activities.Uzbekistan makes a significant contribution to the realization of human rights in the framework of all measures it implements in the international arena. The country is entering a new level of its development as a subject of international law and is the initiator of the conclusion of international treaties, an active participant in international rule-making.

Summarizing information on human rights in Uzbekistan, we can conclude:

Human rights legislation has been formed;

Institutional mechanisms for ensuring human rights in the country have been created;

The state carries out international cooperation in the field of human rights;

Human rights education and training is being implemented.

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