What issues will be considered at the Samarkand Forum?

Uzbekistan will host a traditional international conference on June 13-14 – the Fourth Samarkand Forum on Human Rights.

Domestic and foreign experts, climate specialists, heads of government organizations dealing with climate change issues, civil society institutions, the media, research centers, companies, representatives of the business community, and international organizations are invited to the forum, which will be held on the “Environmental Challenges: The Future of Human Rights in a Changing World, Finding Sustainable Solutions”.

The head of the Information Service of the National Center of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Human Rights, Gulom Mirzayev, informed on the issues that will be considered at the forum.

– The main goal of the forum is to discuss issues related to the impact of climate change on human rights, – says G. Mirzayev. – Participants will be able to exchange experiences and become familiar with the best practices within the international community.

The main focus will be on preparing concrete recommendations and solutions to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change on human rights. Discussions on this topic are expected to help develop effective strategies and approaches to achieving sustainable development goals and protecting the rights of every person in a changing climate.

Three plenary sessions will be held offline and online as part of the forum.

The first meeting will discuss the necessary innovative approaches and joint efforts to find sustainable solutions. Speakers will share their views on the effective actions of the organizations they represent to solve environmental problems and protect human rights.

The second plenary session will be devoted to the impact of global climate change on social and economic rights, based on the most in-depth analysis. Attention will be paid to the role of government agencies, international organizations, and civil society institutions in implementing specific strategies to ensure the rights of vulnerable populations.

The third plenary session will analyze existing international and regional documents and instruments for the effective protection of human rights in a changing climate. The main goal is to develop global strategies and joint approaches to ensure stable and fair living conditions on our planet in a difficult environmental situation.

Norgul Abduraimova, UzA

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